Terms & Conditions

Grantham Carpets Ltd. Key Terms & Conditions (For full t’s & c’s please see in store)

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1B.  Statutory Rights None of the contents of these terms of business shall affect the consumer’s statutory rights.


  1. Estimates and Quotations
  2. Grantham Carpets Ltd. will provide consumers with a verbal estimate as a rough estimate on the project cost. However it is only a guide and the detailed cost of the project is contained in the written quotation given when the order is confirmed.
  3. Measuring
  4. Grantham Carpets Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any difficulties created by inaccuracies in the consumer’s own measurement of the project.
  5. Installation
  6. Due to the increasing complexity of these devices Grantham Carpets Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for the disconnection and re-connection of hi-fi’s, home cinemas, TV’s, computers etc.
  7. The consumer is responsible for the condition of the sub floor and if additional preparation work is needed to rectify undisclosed faults in the floor, additional charges may be made for installation.
  8. The position of the wiring and piping in vulnerable places must be drawn to the attention of the fitter. Grantham Carpets Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the accidental damage to the pipe work or cables as a consequence of a failure on the consumer’s part in this respect.
  9. If carpet requires a seamed join it must be appreciated that it is impossible to achieve a completely invisible seam.
  10. Grantham Carpets Ltd. will provide a free one year guarantee against installation faults.
  11. Due to a number of variables, carpet and vinyl may “relax” in the first few weeks following installation and this may require a re-stretch/ easing which Grantham Carpets Ltd will undertake at no cost.
  12. Any problems with installation should be referred to Grantham Carpets Ltd as soon as possible.
  13. Cancellation of Orders
  14. When an order is placed a contract exists between the consumer and Grantham Carpets Ltd. cancellations are not normally acceptable although in extenuating circumstances may be considered.
  15. Cancellations can lead to a loss of deposit and charges for the consumer for other work undertaken by Grantham Carpets Ltd.
  16. Payment Methods
  17. Grantham Carpets will ask for a maximum deposit of 50% on confirmation of the order.
  18. The balance of the total amount to be paid will become due immediately on completion of the installation.
  19. Payment methods may include cheque, BACS, credit card, debit card or cash. Outstanding amounts not paid attract interest at a rate of 2.5% above base rate per month.

The pursuit of consumers who fail to pay on time may lead to professional charges which may be passed on to the consumer.

  1. The re-presentation of dishonoured cheques will lead to a payment of £30 charged to the consumer.
  2. Any additional payments for extra items will be shown on a separate invoice and will only be undertaken once the agreement of the consumer has been obtained for the extra work.
  3. All flooring materials remain the property of Grantham Carpets Ltd. until payment is made in full.


  1. Product Related Information
  2. Cut pile carpet products may develop “pile reversal” which is a localised change in the direction of pile lean which alters the pattern of reflected light to give a light and shade effect. This naturally occurring phenomenon does not affect the carpet’s resistance to abrasive wear.
  3. On all carpet, some tracking marks will occur in heavy traffic areas during the normal wear life of the carpet.
  4. Berber or “Berber-look” carpet may contain random flecks of colour which can sometimes create a lined effect which would not be apparent in a small sample.
  5. Colour matching between different production batches, including different widths of carpet cannot be guaranteed. The consumer must make it clear to Grantham Carpets where exact colour matches are required.
  6. When a new carpet is installed, Grantham Carpets Ltd. would recommend a new underlay as this can have a positive impact upon the wear life of the carpet.
  7. The flooring supplied must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers or Grantham Carpets Ltd. recommendations.